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Video Animation Projects

Music Video to Keane's "Sunshine"


This is an entry I created for Keane's Hopes and Fears Music Video Contest that was launched in October 2009.  It's a story about searching for the place where one truly belongs.  The journey that the characters take is inspired by Keane's 2009 Perfect Symmetry Tour path, and the artwork is based on photos taken during their world tour by the band's drummer, Richard Hughes, who is a photography enthusiast.  Elements from Keane's first 3 album covers can be found throughout the video. 


The video won first place in its song category.

Collaborative Music Video to Keane's "Something In Me Was Dying"


As a result of Keane's Hopes and Fears Music Video Contest, I got to know and become friends with 3 Keane fans from around the world who had also submitted video entries.  Their names are Liouba from Moscow, Russia, Abiyoso from Jakarta, Indonesia, and Élise from Québec, Canada.  In April 2010, I proposed the idea of collaborating on a Keane music video.  We were all excited about whether this would be possible, since we had never actually met in person before, and all of our work would have to be shared and compiled through the Internet.  "Something In Me Was Dying," one of Keane's B-sides, was the song that we

decided to use, because we felt that it aptly described the friendship that brought us together to work on this project.  In the video, there is a reference to the Night Train, which is the title of Keane's EP that was about to be released at the time.  Each of us applied the same style of animating/filming that we had used in our video submissions for the contest to evoke continuity.  We completed our video in May 2010.

Collaborative Music Video to Keane's "Back In Time"


The "Something In Me Was Dying" collaborative video led us to get to know even more Keane fans who were video-making enthusiasts.  In July 2010, Liouba and I organized an even more ambitious collaborative video project to the song "Back In Time."  This project involved 8 people altogether with the other members being Élise from our previous video collaboration, MacO and Ninon from France, Mark from England, Karla from Mexico, and Alessia from Canada.  The plot of the video was inspired by James Bond movies and revolves around the fictitious release of only 1 copy of a Keane album titled "Hidden

Depths."  The album was supposed to have contained never before released (and never to be released again) rare Keane B-sides.



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