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Pop-up Birthday Party Card Project

Client Need and Concept

This card was created for a client who was hosting a disco-themed birthday party and wanted an energetic invitation card to set the mood.  A pop-up card seemed to be the appropriate solution.  I heightened the effect of the pop-up element by designing the front of the card to look deceptively simple and classic.  The palette is vintage and muted, and an hourglass and a timeline provide a graphic representation of the years that have gone by.  But once the card is opened, both the colors and dimensionality of the pop-up burst forth and prepare the guest for a night of fun and dancing.  The details of the party are viewable on a tab to be pulled out.  This helped maximize the space for the pop-up effect while still providing all of the necessary information about the party.  It also made the card interactive and thus fully engaged the recipient.



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