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Dance Party Pamphlet Project

Client Need and Concept

For this design, the client needed an invitation card for a party with the specification that the guests should bring dancing shoes.  A quick turnaround time was also needed.  My solution was to create a card that resembled more of a pamphlet than a traditional invitation.  At first glance, the pamphlet seems merely instructional.  A figure demonstrates step-by-step how to dance the Macarena.  But as the viewer progresses through the pamphlet, musical notes start to appear with increasing intensity until the card culminates with the figure starting over at step 1 of the choreography, this time with other guests joining in and with the host's house as the setting.  At this point, the details of the party are revealed.  The invitation thus playfully communicates to the recipient that the event was going to be filled with dancing.  It also prepares the guests for a fun group dance! 



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